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AI-powered financial reporting tool that streamlines your year-end closing processes

Preparing financial statements, automating data analysis, reducing errors, and providing predictive insights for more accurate and efficient outcomes.

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Elevate your year-end closing process

Financial statements prepared in minutes

Precision Perfected

Enjoy unparalleled accuracy with AI-driven processes that eliminate human errors.

Insights at Lightning Speed

Dive deep with AI's power to unveil patterns and insights from your data in an instant.

Future-Ready Forecasts

Use historical data for crystal-clear predictions.

aumico Value Proposition

There are many reasons to choose aumico

The preparation of the annual financial statement, as well as monthly or quarterly closings, are standardized and automated by aumico. Accountants and SMEs benefit from significant time savings in periodic tasks and can simultaneously ensure high statement quality and a consistent format in the reports..


Balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, appendix, and profit allocation are created within a few minutes.


Potential sources of errors are reduced to an absolute minimum.


All legal forms and accounting standards for the annual financial statement or interim reporting.


Customized structure and design of the annual financial statement and reporting – tailored to the needs of your company.


Data import from all accounting systems worldwide.

Quick access

All annual financial statements are centrally available and can be accessed from anywhere and at any time

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